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World of Warcraft,

Till then. (:


Jason craves to know her sooo much. (:

Let's hope he gets to do that. hah!

Happpy Holidays !

Omg omg omg , it's been years since i last blogged.

Oh well, i'm just enjoying world of warcraft. anddd. lifee (:

So yeah, happy holidays to all those who's having holiday.

And ! Be prepared for SPM Trials ! And the real SPM, guys :)

Till then. :P

I'm hypnotized. (:

Well well, SMK Taman Desa's IU day is around the corner, the first audition was on last Friday. It was cool. Infact, it was great. many people went for the audition. and everyone did great, except for me. I sang for the audition, ofcourse with both of my ears blocked. It was really a hard time for me, but ah i did it. I think i pretty much sucked but, whatever. at least i tried. (:

So according to our Ministry of health, A-H1N1 seems to be quite BIGGANG in Malaysia, and i was hoping whole malaysia's school will be closed down for at least a week, please please. hahh.

Wow, i am back to World of warcraft ! Soo coool. (: mhmmm.

Moral project and Arts project is driving me crazy. One down, one more to go. Tried so hard to get my moral project done and now, piles of arts project is waiting for me. ohh, so happy. need to pass up by friday, or else i'm SCREWED. (:
Well, not much to do lah, others took 3 months to finish it, and i'm suppose to finish it in 4 days. Any volunteer to help ? :) heh.

So , anyone want to go for a movie with me? Transformers 2 :) good !

Desperado (:

Woooah, been so long. hmmm.

I'm a stalker, i'm a stalker ! i am stalking someone. muahaha. (:

Ah okay, holiday was great. And it's gonna end in 2 days time. Homework are still undone. sigh. ):

Okay, went to Desa Perdana's IU Day, it was okay, not too bad, not too good. hmmm.

And and, got second in the Streetball Basketball Tournament hosted by Jaya Jusco. Disappointed but the winner was really good though. so yeah. (:

And then, i'm back to world of warcraft, how cool. hahaha.

that's all i guess. not really in the mood for blogging. aihh. (:

Helplessss. (:

Short update.

You know what,
Having no friends is not a sad thing,
Being lonely is not a sad thing,
But having many friends but none of them would help you when you needed them, that is sad.

(: !

Wooties. (:

Beeen years, decades, or even centuries since i last touched my blogg. :o

Although it have never been an entertaining blog, but yes, it's still a lovely blogg (:

So, now ima update some crap. and hopefully people do come and kill some time ;)

What's happening lately?

A-H1N1 (Swine Flu),
Coming Soon (Horror movie),
Streetball Basketball Tournament (Arcade Basketball Machine),
Paroimia (FGA),
Driving License ( MINE ),
SPM Diagnostic.

Now, let's start with the irritating A-H1N1 (Swine Flu), Over 20 countries over the world has been infected by Swine Flu, so be careful and wear a flu mask if you're afraid of dying. (:

Then then, have you guys watched Coming Soon yet? it's so, so scary, go watch it! hahaha.

Hmm, i'm in the Finals of Streetball Basketball Tournament! Wish me luck and i'll belanja u makan if i win. haha. Then then going for Semi-Finals on June for the Jusco's tournament. hmmm

You guys went for Paroimia? Cool right? yes. !

Going for Undang this coming Wednesday, and trying to get my License asap. (: hopefully.

And last, the SPM diagnostic is here, and. less than 6 months to the real SPM, all the best to those that is taking SPM this year, and yeah. good luck. !

That's alllll, i guess. will update more, soon.